Thursday, April 26, 2007

FDA Up to their usual support the Big Drug Company Tricks

Real Healing Comes from the Likes of This: Natural Mustard,
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Press Release

FDA Attacks Complementary & Alternative Healthcare
by John F. Gilbert, Ph.D. - President/NTCB

I just spent three days reading, re-reading, researching and discussing the
proposed FDA guidelines for "Complementary and Alternative Medicine" with
two FDA attorneys. You can download a copy of this proposal for yourself at:
( .

When I first heard about this FDA attack on complementary and alternative
health care, I considered it another "Chicken Little" rumor. On further study,
I'm appalled at the speed with which the pharmaceutical companies are
implementing Codex Alimentarius in the USA. If you don't suspect the
pharmaceutical companies control the FDA, you may want to research that further by
visiting _http://www.HealthFreedomUSA.org_ ( .

This insidious proposal is designed to redefine every complementary and
alternative health care modality and product as "medicine." This has direct
implications on the services and products provided by every alternative health
care professional. There is no facet of complementary and alternative health
care that is not affected. If the FDA adopts this proposal, all natural
health care would be illegal even for medical doctors.
Essential oils, herbs, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, minerals,
nutritional supplements, plant enzymes and vitamins are redefined in this
proposal as "medicine." Very simply, medicine is under the jurisdiction of the FDA
and, by law, only licensed medical doctors may prescribe "medicines."
Anybody else who advises, advocates, counsels, distributes, markets, recommends or
suggests anybody use "medicine" is practicing medicine without a license.
This is a felony in the USA punishable by fines and incarceration.
Aromatherapy, auricular therapy, biofeedback, color therapy, homeopathy,
hypnotism, naturopathy, neurotherapy, nutritional consulting, reflexology,
sound therapy and wellness consulting are among the alternative health modalities
being redefined as "Alternative Medicine." This subtle change of vocabulary
from "alternative health care" to "alternative medicine" makes all of these
industries subject to control by the FDA as medicine. Only medical doctors
would be allowed to provide, prescribe and supervise the delivery of these
services. Anybody else who provided any of these services would be practicing
medicine without a license and subject to incarceration and fines.
That's the bad news. The good news is we have until April 30, 2007 to voice
our opinion against this proposal to eliminate complementary and alternative
health care in America. Almost 100,000 people have already filed their
objection. According to Dr. Rima Laibow, medical director of the Natural
Therapies Foundation, we need 50 times that many people to respond by the end of the

Please stand up and be counted. Go to Protest Email Link

Natural Therapies Certification Board

Jackie Olsen

Executive Director

Natural Therapies Certification Board

John F. Gilbert, Ph.D.


Natural Therapies Certification Board | 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #662 | Las
Vegas | NV | 89107

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Relationship, Learning, Moving and Transformation.

The easiest way to wake up the brain to the learning mode is moving with attention. This, if you think about it, was the brain's job when we were young geniuses, i.e. babies. We lay there, and explored the world, and learned about gravity and our evolutionary gift of the human body and put the two together in ways that allowed us to roll over and to bring our hands and feet to our mouths, and to sit upright and to crawl, and finally, to walk.

We learned talking, too, which moved the tongue and the vocal chords, and involved a ton of experimentation and play and discovery.

This is key to a good Feldenkrais lesson: discovery.

This is key to a good Wake Up Feldenkrais lesson: being present and enjoying the discovery.

This is key to the work I do with couples, or with parents and their relationship with their children: discovery.

If things are going great, fine.

And if there are areas you wouldn't mind improving, then hey: let's discover some options to what we usually do.

Like in Feldie work, there is no "bad," there are just habits that aren't getting us as good a result as we wish.

Let's try some new habits.

One of the key habits that wrecks parent/ child communication, and couple's communication is the habit of defending ourselves.

This defending ourselves often comes in the wake of another relationship wrecking habit: interrupting the other person before they have a chance to finish what they have to say.

What is common to both these habits is: not listening.

And: Not being in the understanding of what the other person is about, which is really what good listening is about.

So, in a workshop on improving relationship, whether it be from poor to fair, fair to good, good to great, or great to greater, we'll work on waking up the brain/ body/ whole self to learning and discovery through movement lessons.

And then, having gotten into the learning and having fun mode, we'll learn new and enjoyable ways to listen to our partners and our children. We'll get real and happy.

These workshops will always be with a money back guarantee if you don’t' feel liberated and transformed in your life and in your relationship.


Monday, April 09, 2007


Improvement can be delightful
and clear
and wonder
as can you.

The goal of the Feldenkrais way, is to help people, in Moshe Feldenkrais' words:
"Make the impossible, possible;
the possible, easy;
and the easy, elegant."

$120 per person, $200 per couple before April 20
$150 per person, $240 per couple after.
10 person minimum.

How is this done?
The goal of Wake Up Feldenkrais, is to include all the wonder full ideas and pathways and experiments of the Feldenkrais Method, with an ongoing commitment to happiness and being present.

This is what the workshop will be about:

  • Being present to yourself, in each instant.
  • Liking yourself in each instant.
  • Coming free from our stories, stories about the partner, or stories about the potential partners.
  • Getting free of stories about the wrongs we've suffered.
  • Moving in easier and fresher ways.
  • Thinking in easier and fresher ways.
  • Breathing in easier and more pleasurable ways.

  • To listen without interrupting.

  • To say what is going on in us.

  • To end the putdown and criticism thing.

  • To be at peace with oneself and those we live with.

  • To be happily engaged in life.

  • To be at peace in the moment.

  • To exchange "hard" things to say,
    without the usual meltdowns and blowups.

  • To use conflict as a chance to change oneself, not the other.

  • A sense of humor.

  • The Work of Byron Katie in order to clear up the past,
    clean up relationships,
    get clear inside and outside.

  • A deeper and more pleasant connection to yourself.

  • Improved breathing and happiness.

  • Happier and more clear thinking.

  • An appreciation for each other.

  • A deeper and clearer commitment to being outside and in touch with nature.

Individual work may be scheduled by phone at 707-996-1437
Or email at Email me

Sessions are $120-250 per hour, with a 2 session initial commitment.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Health is our wealth and it come from within. There is a lot of fuss around town about the new hospital, and if people really want to be healthy they could be walking and riding a bike to all these meetings.

Health comes from a balanced and happy life. Lots of time in the present. Lots of time outdoors. Lots of time doing what we like and love. Lots of time learning and loving.

And moving.

A life of sitting around all the time and driving around the rest, with standing just something to do at shops and waiting in lines for the next place to sit down: that's not really a life to me.

Our bodies were designed to move.

If we've forgotten, that's what Feldenkrais and yoga and tai chi and dancing and walking and sex are for. Get out there and experience the joy of being a human being.

If not sex, go for hugs. If you have no one to hug you, ask a stranger. Say, "I'd like a hug." We'd all like a bunch of hugs a day, a bunch of laughs, a bunch of learning.

To live in the present, to connect to nature and to love, I call these three the core of happiness, and that's one of the core's of health. Happy mind, happy body, connection to nature, we can live wonderful lives. The only thing that might be in the way could be some habits.

So we experiment.

We come to the present so we aren't bustling around like a robot.

We try new things, we learn how to learn again from Feldenkrais and from our own joy in discovery.

Life is wonderful.

In that frame, it's almost impossible not to be healthy.


Sensitive Strength


Waking up to now.
Embracing Change.
Learning to learn.
Loving to move, improve and transform.