Friday, July 18, 2008

Have a wonderful day....
it's good for your health

Here's Marlie
we're back in the digital cam nonsense,
fun nonsense

and now
let's have some words...

i like visitors
to come here
on a bike
and with the intention
of working in a garden
and following
their breathing

could that lead
to a wonderful

less visitors and more peace
and quiet
in the garden
for me

what creates a wonderful day
for you?
maybe you like a bunch of folk
or maybe you like
some time to yourself
or maybe both

maybe you like time
with your kids
or your pet
or your garden
or your feet
or your yoga
or your tai chi
or your music
or your walking


what about

and all this can be done mindfully:
and then the real health can come in

eating slowly and with awareness
will lead to real nourishment

eating in the yum yum stuff
it in mode
is fun
at the time
and then...
sometimes the consequences aren't that

and if we are
right now
even reading this

then the possibility
of ongoing happiness
is available

and ongoing happiness
as opposed to thrash around

is what we were meant to
as living beings

and helping
and discovering the truth
of what a life

lots of possibilities
for a
wonderful day


Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday and Alive
and what a morning

a bee sting
a little way into the morning
after some fun times in the garden
transplanting this and that

is one of the secrets to health:
having a garden and taking little bits of
this plant and spreading it
out somewhere else fun

the garden
being outside
puttering and experimenting
co creating with nature
taking a chance on something new
going for even more wonderfulness

and then the bee
in left hand
palm side, near where left thumb articulates
took sticker out
watched it
had idea of "sending love"
which seemed too vague:
so sensed the area
with interest
and curiosity
which is pretty close to love: attention, interest, curiosity
even a little fascination

didn't go off into emotional
poor me
didn't get worried about the sensation
which could be called "pain"
but as pure sensing
just was what it was

a stinging and a heat inspired me to walk to plants
that seemed cooling:
a basil leaf
a mint leaf
a purslane leaf and press them easily to the place

for awhile
since i'd alread made juice
and had the hand juicer out,
juiced the leaves and a little more
drank liquid

looked at the place
as i had earlier: temptation
to close everything down
and not move the ouchy part
so did little moves
like in the neurological work i do with others
and myself
if painful,
find another route,
make it a path of ease
keep things moving

got into a whole nice game
with how the thumb moves
and how it moves with and in relation
to the other fingers:

try to touch your thumb and first finger
and have them together make circles
and then try this with the thumb and second finger
interesting puzzle

so looked at
learned about
my left hand and the stung area
an urge to rip up some more of the
plant i'd been transplanting
and go the "wound" all nice and dirty
(oh, somewhere in there,
as playing with moving thumb and other fingers,
taking a walk down to check of recycled garbage
at bottom of driveway)

so anyway
using the hand as if it was okay
which is was
and dirty
and planting
and having fun

and then making some phone
and a sister calling
with falling apart Mom stuff
i get to do
loving what is
work on that one

a grand morning
of this
and that
and rising to seemingly
and go
with life

life is well worth
going with
it seems

and when i started this essay
though i've had bee stings that hurt and swelled
for several days,
i had to search to remember where
this one, a few hours ago, was


and learning
and staying
soft an loving:
worked today

who knows
about the rest
of the day

Friday, July 04, 2008

what is love?

and can it help
to make us healthy?

yes to last question,
and the first one.....

love is....

write it down on a piece of paper

look at the paper without words in your head
for five or ten minutes,

take a walk
and vaguely have the question in the back of your mind

and come back
and write
for a page or two,
without punctionation
or perfection
or even total clarity

just write to explore
and see
what love
getting to mean

for you