Friday, August 29, 2008

sunflowers and barn

Friday, hot Friday
Undoing Stress
Real Health

the news yesterday:
Marlie and I are going to work
toward moving apart

this could be stressful

this could be sad

this was "hard" yesterday

and to "deal" with stress
is one of the great gifts
of the Byron Katie work

to have stress
means to be at war
with What Is.

to have stress
means not to be comfortable

it usually means being
lost to

and on the contrary:
to be now
is the end of the Byron Katie work,

and to be now
is to
turn to a state of ease
and clarity
a feeling
an experience
of our being-ness
right now

and so,
the Marlie and Chris

what a nice story
and she's wonderful
and I'm wonderful

and "it" was hard yesterday
and will probably be hard
at times in the future

and here's what we did:
talked with one talking
the other listening,
five minutes at a time
no interrupting

if someone interrupted,
they had to finish out the time


and then
for me,
two sets of 22 minutes
the work:

the beliefs:
"This isn't a good time for this to be happening"

Is that true?
I don't know.

How do I react when I hold to the thought/belief that
"This isn't a good time for this to be happening"?

Hell, is how I react. Feeling bad, sad, mad,
victim, cheated, fooled, afraid
and more.

Who or what would I be without the thought that
"This isn't a good time for this to be happening"?

I'd be someone sitting here
and curious:
how is this going to play out?

I'd be alive
and grateful
to have a friend I can talk
while we work
out what all the stories
say is a "hard thing"

I'd be in love.
In love with Marlie,
and excited to have a love
that rises to the occasion of loving
her when she wants her path and my
path to go different directions.

I'd be in love.
In love with me,
and excited to love me, even in
the scary place of wants my path
to go in a different direction
than someone I deeply cherish
and love.


And the turn around to the statement:
"This isn't a good time for this to be happening"

This is the best time for this to be happening.

A weird
wonderful world.

Over and over the choice:

Over and over the choice:
going into War with What Is
Loving What Is.

a hot Friday,
a future that will go ????
a love that is here,
right now.

this is one
one amazing way
out of so called "stress"

Monday, August 25, 2008


Classes for the Fall

Increase Skills and Enjoy Life More

  • Think more clearly

  • Anti-Aging

  • Move with more ease

  • Re-discover how much you love to learn
    be alive

  • Decrease and Make Irrelevant Various
    Aches and Pains

  • Recovery faster from Surgery

  • Perhaps avoid surgery

  • Recover from Strokes and falls and accidents

  • Rediscovery how much of you there is

Starting the Second Week in September
(on the weekend of September 6
and running for 5 weeks,
to end the week of October 4-9)

Group lessons
Monday and Wednesday
11:30 AM Discovery and
Anti-Aging Yoga
5:30 PM Backs, Necks, Shoulders
and Anti-Aging

5:30PM Musicians, Surgeons, Hands
6:30 PM High Performers

9:30 AM Discovery and
Anti-Aging Yoga
10:30 AM Rolling & Relationship
11:30 AM Backs, Necks, Shoulders

Based on my 127 days of training
in the Anat Baniel Method,
including certification in her Mastery Programs for
Special Needs Children
Vitality and Anti-Aging
High Performers

as well as
200 days of training
in the Feldenkrais Method

These lessons
can appear to be "movement lessons"
and are really
brain lessons,
anti-aging lessons,
regaining vitality lessons,
regaining our skills lessons,
and rediscovering discovery lessons

taking one five week series
(Monday 5:30 PM Backs, Necks, shoulders and Anti-aging, say)

taking two series:

taking three series:

drop in $30

yoga series:
one class a week for five weeks: $80
two classes a week for five weeks: $140
three classes a week for five weeks: $180

yoga teachers: add 50 %

drop in for yoga classes: $25

high performer series:
five week series: $200
drop in: $50

love each moment

Friday, August 08, 2008

Something to say for August.

August has been hot.

August has been cold.

It rained a bit the other night.

Sleeping outdoors, Marlie and I got some raindrops
on our faces.
In the eye and it's kind of a zinger.
Still, we fell asleep with the rain,
and it was light,
and didn't last long,
and the next day things were damp
but not down to our layer.

Why mention that.
Rain in good, I think.
Sleeping outside is great, I think.
I'm getting more and more jazzed on eating totally
having had just one meal at the local Ashram on Guru Purnama
of cooked food
and gotten first cold
in a

What you do.
Up to you.

Though if you want to stay
and have extra energy
and not
get sick,
with not eating much if anything
at night
and being
and moving
with awareness
and joy
and ease

are great

you find one for you.