Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday and the Week ending

Everything ends

Weeks end

Life ends

Relationships end,
either by death
or parting

Tomato season ends

Winter ends

Summer ends

This blog
entry ends

I bet you knew that,
and breathing in,
that ends,
breathing out,
that ends,

Someone says something to us.

What about a pause.
A breathing.
An opening.

What if we spoke and responded from emptiness,
rather than the old chatter tapes.

Ah, wouldn't that be interesting.

Giving life
our minds
our lives
a pause

some space

after one thing

and the next begins

And what, to do with yoga, weight loss, tai chi,
and health,
has this to do?

Actually a lot,
and I'll pause
and maybe you will, too,
and then you can pursue how yoga and stop pause
tai chi and stop pause
health and stop pause
even weight loss (take a bit, and stop pause)

can be great and wonderful
to improve the sweetness
and now-ness
in your life.


Friday, October 03, 2008

3 L's for a good life

saliva ug

at ourselves,
especially when we have taken ourselves
into unha by
our hatred/ anger at/ annoyance at
other people.

Why laugh?
Do The Work
and realize:
we do the same damn thing
that bugs us in them.

something new,
about moving with more ease,
about plants,
about the person we live
with and might be taking
for granted
about the
joys of silence

this is big.

Find something "hard" to love,
and see
what's stopping you.

More to come