Monday, March 08, 2010

Essentials of Health, part two,
coming back to this blog

Today is Monday
and it's March in 2010.

I'm on an island,
far north
and moderated weather by water all around.

Of name, Orcas Island.

One, of my last posts
was a pious little piece
about real health.

I'm in the mood to start this
up again,
having connected with a grand group
of people
who are interested in Nutrient Rich
and deep health
with a lot of help
from the ideas of Weston Price
and the book,
Nourishing Traditions,
and their own
natural instincts.

Based on associating with them,
and some slight humility
in my great, but not perfect health,
I'll play at these "what to do, what to eat fields"
in a little less dogmatic way.

I hope.

Here's the ideas/ opinions of one person
in this day
or this year
this springing season
2010, March.

How to be Healthy:

Spend a fair amount of time
in the present.

Spend a fair amount of time
Loving What Is.

Help the Earth and your own health
by growing the food and meat you'd like to eat.

Eat mainly raw,
if you enjoy that.

Follow the Weston Price logic for at least awhile
and see what high quality fat,
from high quality milk, cheese, meat, fish, eggs
will do for you.

I like to eat these raw.
You discover what's good for you.

So far:
be present.

love what is.

eat mainly raw, and a lot of high quality good raised
on grass.

Adding on:
do something physical each day,
tai chi

add on underneath
The Feldenkrais Method
the Anat Baniel Method
to discover
how to learn
again how to move and learn
and discover
as you did when you were younger

Learn to think and feel
as a chance to have options>

Someone is "mean" to you:
options: fight
feel sorry
feel hurt
feel compassion
feel curious
step aside
write a poem, story, play
put yourself in their shoes
put yourself in the present and see
"who you are without the story"

you have a "problem"
What are five ways to "solve" it.

Do the work of Byron Katie.

Links to all this are readily
available on this and my other sites.