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Health begins in the morning. And what nicer way to do this than a hug and a smile and a stretch and some exercise and some super smoothie?

drink in the Vita Mix
The whirl in the Vita Mix

Which means what?

It means: do a little exercise ( some stretches, wiggles, Feldie fun, take a talk of the short sort) and then have some wheat grass juice. Now that I’ve got a camera working in the digital mode, I’ll go through once more how to make super wheat grass. Not today, though.

Anyway: have some wheat grass and then do about an hour of real exercise. Or half an hour. Or twenty minutes. Do some.

Then have a super smoothie to start your day. You can see in the before picture the ingredients: soaked flax seeds, soaked pumpkin seeds, soaked sunflower seeds, Synergy, enzymes, ginger, Celtic sea salt and a little bit of Stevia.

This is to make a power drink, full of protein, full of fats that will lose not gain weight, full of nutrients. Here’s the list of what you get in Synergy:

Pure Synergy’s Ingredients (from web page: Synergy Facts)

Synergized® Algae 3.40 grams/serving
Fresh freeze-dried, cold-dried or Refractance Window™ dried: Pure Spirulina Crystals™*, Pure Klamath Crystals™*, Pure Chlorella™, Dunaliella*, Kelp*, Wakame*, Kombu*, Bladderwrack*, Dulse*, wildcrafted Dumontiaceae (Cryptosyphonia woodii).

Synergized® Phytonutrients & Enzymes 2.87 grams/serving
Fresh freeze-dried enzymatically active Sprouts of Millet*, Quinoa*, Broccoli*; Apple Fruit*; fresh freeze-dried Blueberry*, Raspberry*; Green Papaya Fruit*; natural plant Enzymes (Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, Protease).

Synergized® Chinese Mushrooms & Herbs 2.61 grams/serving
Reishi*, Shiitake*, Maitake*, Agaricus*, Cordyceps*. Standardized 7:1 herbal extract: Astragalus Root*, Eleuthero Root*, Lycium (Wolfberry) Fruit*, Tang-Kuei Root*, Schizandra chinensis Fruit*, Atractylodes macrocephala Root, Fo-Ti Root, Paeonia lactiflora Root, Rehmannia Root, Codonopsis Root, Licorice Root*, Jujube Fruit, Poria cocos Root, Ginger Rhizome, Tangerine Peel, Polygala Root, Ligusticum wallichii Root.

Synergized® Green Juices 1.72 grams/serving
Fresh freeze-dried or CO2-dried: juice concentrates of Wheat Grass*, Barley Grass*, Oat Grass*, Alfalfa Grass*; Parsley Leaf*, Spinach Leaf*, Kale Leaf*, Collard Leaf*.

Synergized® Western Herbs 1.15 grams/serving
Fresh freeze-dried: Nettle Leaf*, Red Clover Flower*, Burdock Root*, Yellow Dock Root*, Skullcap Flower* and Leaf*, Dandelion Leaf*, Ginkgo Leaf*. Rosa canina Fruit (Rose Hips)*.

Synergized® Natural Antioxidants 2 milligrams/serving
Rosemary Leaf*, Clove Bud*, Sage Leaf*, natural Vitamin E (sunflower).


all ingredients, and the final drink
All of the ingredients and the final drink

Okay: so the Synergy gives you all that , the flax seeds give you gobs of omega-3 fat, the sunflower and pumpkin seeds give you high quality fat and energy. The enzymes give your body help in rebalancing all that we have lost over the years, the ginger makes it taste more fun, the Celtic salt gives a little help and some sea minerals and the stevia sweetens it up.

This is a drink a diabetic could drink, or someone wishing to rid their body of Candida. That’s another story.

If you are not in either of these categories, you can substitute all sorts of fruit, from berries, to apples, to peaches, to bananas to make this a delicious treat.

It’s fast, it’s super healthy and it’s easy to digest. Drink lots, and if you need a snack before lunch, either have a bit more, or if not diabetic or doing a Candida cleanse: have a piece of fruit. If you are: have either more smoothie, or some raw vegetable like carrot or celery.

This is a wonderful gift to yourself, and you might enjoy trying it. As I say in the link, the Synergy story is well worth reading, and if you do order it, mention me and Marlie and we’ll get a discount on our next purchase. The stuff is expensive and when you re-read the list of all the ingredients, you’ll see why.


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