Friday, March 30, 2007

pineapple spinach tuna pumpkin seeds


Here's some yummy food that was on sale a couple of weeks ago at Sonoma Market. By far the best way to eat, is what's in season, which means now: cabbage, greens, celery, and whatever fish is being caught just now.

The sale food had an item that might have been in season in Hawaii, the pineapple. It also had some delicious sushi grade tuna wild caught from Alaska. Spinach, is in season. And the pumpkin seeds, well, what can I say, they've been in storage since the fall, though, since they have a preserving mechanism that keeps them fresh unless they get wet, they should have all their oomph. ( The preserving mechanism, once again, is an enzyme inhibitor for unsoaked seeds, which is why we can get so much more value from the raw seeds and nuts we use in various sauces and dressings and dips if we soak them overnight before using them).

So here we also have a nice cave person diet: some fish. Some vegetable. Some seed. Some fruit. Stick to those four groups, add some olive oil and lots of spices and you'll grow leaner and stronger and healthier, the more so the more raw you can keep it all.

If the food is fresh and yummy, and you aren't eating out of boredom, your body will be so happy when you just give it simple and good and organic and raw and seasonal (or sale) food.


Monday, March 19, 2007

computer on books, close

Save your back.
Help your neck.
Breathe easier.
Raise your computer to eye level.

Bring the center of the screen to the middle of your eye level,
so you can sit straight,
and look ahead of yourself as you type
or read.

computer on books, mid range

And remember the
ten rule:

every ten nimutes
look at least ten feet away
for at least ten seconds.


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

greens plus synergy

Here's one way to start the day that keeps the fluids going: lots of fruit and a green drink with a little bit of seeds and lots of protein care of the Synergy (See notes at link on sidebar).

Fit for Life has a whole program based on starting the day with just fruit. This is a great way to go.

Also great is to have a raw green drink: water, and ginger and spinach and kale and good weeds if you've got them, some pineapple and enzymes and maybe an apple.

You can see it all in the picture.

Of course, everything is organic.

And all raw: no dairy, no soymilk, no juice that you get in some container. Start it all from fresh ingredients, raw ingredients, water and sun saturated ingredients, then you are pouring health into yourself in the morning.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Life is good, and then we think we should weigh a different amount. This is a funny issue, because it needs to be looked at in terms of how we really want to live versus how we think we "should be."

Sometimes people don't like their weight because it's a social thing: they don't like how they imagine other people are perceiving or judging them. This, of course, is one of life's great lessons: how to be who we are without caving in to the pressure of the herd.

And then sometimes people would like to weigh less because it might feel better, or be more fun to move, or put less stress on their various parts. They might want to do things that it's hard to do unless they were less heavy. Okay, that seems different, doesn't it?

How to separate the two?

Make a list of all the self-disliking reasons you have about your weight. And then do the work of Byron Katie about them. Just the good old : write down your judgments, ask four questions, write down the answers, examine the turn around.

And then look at the life enhancing reasons that might be left. If they still make sense to you, then there are some habits to break that can help lose weight.

If you are interested, here are a few of the best:

1) After 5 in the afternoon, either eat nothing, or only eat vegetables and fruits that are raw, and organic and without fat. That means salad after 5 doesn't have oil in the dressing, nor do you munch on avocadoes or figs or dates. Lots of teas, or nothing, or carrots, or kiwi. Only fresh: no canned, packaged or frozen stuff. If you eat a nice big meal in the middle of the day, and go slow, you won't be that hungry, though the habit will still be interesting as something to change, for awhile at least.

food, kiwi, mango, spinach leaves and grapefruit. A Night Snack. Kiwi (Ed at Farmers' Market), grapefruit (friend), spinach (Laguna Farms at Farmers' Market), mango (on sale last week at Sonoma Market). With green, no fat, high potency smoothie, of cilantro (F. market), Synergy, ginger, cabbage (Oak Hill Farms at F. market) and stevia.

2) Eat one raw foods meal a day that has lots of raw fat in it. This raw fat, will be full of enzymes that will help dissolve the extra fat in your body. If the meal is a salad, make it all raw: and have lots of avocadoes and olive oil, and a nice smoothie dip alongside full of soaked nuts and seeds. Enjoy having a feast in the middle of the day.

3) Learn to eat without hiding or hurry. Look at the food. Look at the sky. Look at the people around you. Breathe while you eat. Smile while you eat. Stretch out your meals and take a lot of time between bites.

4) Find some outdoor exercise you love, and do it, or even better, just go from point A to point B on your feet or on a bicycle, then it isn't "exercise," it's just moving around and living life. That's enough for a start.