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Sometimes children need help in their learning.

The may have been born with a neurological issue, such as cerebral palsy or a stroke, or brachial plexus. There can be complications in utero or at birth. All sorts of traumas can occur.

For these neurological issues, as well as children with "ordinary" learning challenges (as in reading and math and social adjustment and co-ordination) the Feldenkrais Method, especially the method as refined in the Anat Baniel Method for Children, is the supreme way on this Earth of helping these children.

This is because in these methods, we recreate the natural pathways of learning
and wake up the brain to its possibilities of change and
learning and improvement in a way that no amount of physical therapy or surgery ever can do.

View videos of Anat's work with three children. This shows work over a period of time and you can see with your eyes the marvelous/miraculous changes the children undergo.
Try this:
  • Grace, Isabel and Carter Transform and Heal.

  • ( Not always available, since huge popularity uses up bandwidth.
    Try later. Or purchase via Three Children DVD.)

    As you can read in the four links recommended below, this work is about learning, and anyone, a child with cerebral palsy and the best violin player in the world, can both learn ways to improve and move with greater ease and grace and enjoyment.

    It is our human birthright: to be happy, to be present,
    to be learning and enjoying ourselves
    in greater and greater degrees.

    This work, for a child with learning difficulties,
    is the fresh drink they have been desperate for all their lives.
    They are not pushed, or prodded, or force to "do it right."
    They are not "fixed," or moved in ungentle ways.

    They are given small pieces of real and immediately felt learning
    (inner and organic "learning,"
    not the imposed kind that gives "learning" a bad sound to many children, and adults)
    and they begin to renew and change almost before our eyes.

    Sometimes children are "simply" having a hard time learning in school. Whether the "issue" is reading or math or social adjustment or functioning athletically, the work I offer can link mind/ brain/ body learning and accelerate not only learning but a delight in life. The goal and the pathway of this work is to spark interest in life and learning and self-appreciation and joy. All of this adds up to improvement plus MORE JOY AND MORE SELF-LOVE.

    See my section on tutoring, which is the glory and art of
    and cultivating
    and expanding
    every child, or adult,
    to be more of what they really wish to be.
    Whole Person Coaching and Tutoring

    These sessions turn out to be hugely beneficial for the parents, too, should they care to delight in their own learning and enhancement.

    I also offer lessons in a one to one format called Functional Integration®.

    Anat Baniel demonstating

    Anat Baniel demonstrating the hands on transformative work.
    Photo: Josie Davenport,

    In these lessons, you lie, fully clothed, on a comfortable and firm low table while you are moved with extreme gentleness and precision.

    Classmate doing the work

    Classmate doing the work.
    Photo: Josie Davenport,

    This not only feels great, but provides opportunities for your mind/ brain/ body system (i.e. you) to learn new
    sweeter ways of functioning.

    These new ways not only
    begin to undo and transform stress
    and our old habits of tensing and contracting and limiting ourselves,
    you begin to function in better ways
    in other areas of your mind/ body
    and your life.

    This work is transformational,
    and almost miraculous.
    You deserve this, I believe.

    My training consists of the "normal" 160 days
    to become a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
    an additional 154 days of training
    including 67 with Anat Baniel
    years of training in Gestalt, meditation,
    nature centered healing, hypnosis, and more.

    Lessons last half an hour to forty minutes.

    Lessons cost $90-140 per lesson.

    for those who wish to really
    deepen their experience
    and feel changes at a deeper level:
    $75 per LESSON,
    if you sign up for six
    or more in a one month period.

    For you,
    as a learner,
    a human,
    and a potential
    transforming being:
    If you combine 20 lessons
    with 20 minutes of HomePlay ( not HomeWork)
    a day,
    You can expect to Move
    and Feel

    Give yourself
    or your child,
    or, best of all: both of you,
    the gift of improvement,
    from fair to good
    good to great.

    Call for an appointment 707-996-1437

    Or Email me

    Thanks, and I hope this is a beginning of a wonderful transformation in your life.


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