Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Benefits of the "Wake-Up" Feldenkrais Method®

Improve awareness
Improve mobility
More flexible brain

Transforming back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain and so on
Transforming and undoing "getting older" creakiness
Transforming accident, injuries, recovery and over-all vitality

Undo stress
Improve focus
More flexible "body" / life

Learn how to go about "problems" as glorious opportunities
Increase and enhance yoga, Pilates, martial arts

Reverse inflexibility and narrowing down of so-called "aging"
Transforming cerebral palsy, autism, MS, other neurological challenges
Recovery from stroke
Increase sports abilities
Encouraging a sense that "Anything's possible"
Younger brain
Smarter brain
Learning how to learn

Feel better
Feel taller
Improve awareness
Feel younger
Feel lighter
Move, think and breathe better
Better posture
Better acture (ability to move gracefully
in any direction)
Move, think and breathe better

Expanded horizons and
abilities to embrace change
in life

Transform unhappiness and depression
Avoid Surgery

Heal Much, Much more rapidly
from Surgery

Improve/ transform anyone's back.

Move better than you ever have before

Increase creativity
Increase skills in teaching yoga, tennis, golf, any sport, music, singing and so on

Learn quicker and more enjoyably in golf lessons, tennis lessons, music lessons, equestrian lessons

Improve inner connection
Improve/ transform "tennis elbow."
Improve/ transform " tai chi" knee.
Improve/ transform musician's elbow, hands, back.
Improve/ transform gardener's back.

Deepen abilities to "relax," release and de-stress
Transform and cure insomnia
Increase abilities to be present
Deeper connection to yourself
Clarity of thinking

Better walk, limp transformation.
Better circulation, lymph transformation.

Walk better, run better, sit better, sleep better
Transform dance, running, balance
Increase studying and learning abilities in children and adults
Decrease depression, anxiety, confusion

Better sex

Increase life clarity
Transformation of dyslexia, reading abilities improved, math abilities, too
Undoing stress
Natural Vision Improvement

Transforming injury
Reverse carpal tunnel, repetitive strain
Learn to work at computers without wrecking ourselves
Improve scoliosis

Return to youthfulness
Increase Learning
Improve breathing
Improve health
Improve balance
Increase confidence and curiosity

Become more Present

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