Saturday, November 11, 2006


Beauty in a garden Photo: R. Dale

When you are fit and healthy you feel good, you enjoy being alive and in your body and moving around. You like how it feels to be you and you like how it feels to move.

You rarely if ever get sick, you can walk a couple of miles and enjoy the heck out of it, you love to get outdoors, you can skip and dance and act in new and spontaneous ways. You are alive and happy to be alive.

Fitness and health require not much, but they are more or less absolute requirements:

  • To eat in a healthy and joyful way
    (Whch means lots of food,
    but nutrient and water rich food,
    and at the right times.)

  • To get healthy and happy exercise.

  • To spend time in nature.

  • To be at peace with oneself and those we live with.

  • Which includes a sense of humor, and

  • An ability, and desire, to experiment, and explore and discover
    outside of old habits and patterns

  • To practice and cultivate AWARENESS
    (See posting Weight Loss and Wake Up Feldenkrais)

  • All of this leads us:

  • To be happily engaged in life.

To change habits,
wake up to the present
and to be present while eating,
and to lose weight:

We'll include examination of habits.
The ways to eat even more and lose weight.
Patterns of exercise and making that more fun.
A commitment to being outside each day at least twice.
Drinking water.
Getting free of emotional baggage with the wonderful work of Byron Katie.
Comminicating in joy.
Maybe more, if we have time.

Change your self
Upgrade your health
Upgrade your vitality
Lose Weight:
10 week Radical Health Improvement and Weight Reduction Program.

And what are some components of eating in a "healthy way." Well, one is to trust your intuition,
so don't get too hooked on anyone's rules, including mine.

And then, here are some hints,
and some essays that begin to reveal these hints:

1) Involve wheat grass in your well being. Super Wheatgrass for Your Health

2) Think about raw foods as a chance to radically live non habitually for awhile: Raw Foods and Feldenkrais

3) Begin to re-evaluate the whole eating thing: Raw Foods and Feldenkrais

4) Start to think of food as God: Food is Good

5) Find a way out of the sugar thing: Beyond Sugar: Raw Fat plus Raw Sweet = Great Taste, Great Health

6) Understand getting refined flours and sugars out of your eating world: Food and Health

7) Experiment with nutrient rich, raw food meals, as in a smoothie breakfast: Start the day off right with a Super Smoothie

8) Learn food combining, and consider lunch as the main, big meal: Food Combining, Healthy Lunch, Main Meal

9) Make supper in the old meaning a time of a light "soup:" Supper to end the day, as in... making it light.

The health and weight loss program consists of 10 one on one meetings over 10 weeks. The meetings are about an hour. We deal with emotional issues, gradual shifts in eating habits, the creation of and enjoyment of a program of engagement in using yourself, which could be yoga, walking ( the BEST program for human beings), tai chi, gardening, bicycle riding.

Feldenkrais movements and one on one touch guided ( fully clothed, gentle, miraculous= Functional Integration®)lessons will be part of this,
as will the work of Byron Katie to undo all the myths we use to hold ourselves back.
Meditation and art and hypnosis all could be part of this.

Here are the possible parts to this joyful and wonderful opportunity:

  • Weight loss if you so desire.

  • Radical improvement in your diet, if you so desire.

  • A clearer path of moving.

  • A deeper and more pleasant connection to yourself.

  • Improved breathing and happiness.

  • Happier and more clear thinking, if you so desire.

  • Trying new eating habits and patterns.

  • Undoing mental and physical stress.

  • Undoing emotional stress.

  • Having fun with / embracing change.

  • Getting clear on what you are "waiting' / "weighting" for.

  • A deeper understanding of yoga and tai chi as possible everyday health friends.

  • A deeper and clearer commitment to being outside and in touch with nature.

  • The Work of Byron Katie: clear up the past, clean up relationships, get clear. (See

  • The Work of Byron Katie: stop being mean to yourself sessions,

  • Body Talk™ or EFT sessions.

  • Feldenkrais lessons.

  • WakeUp Feldenkrais lessons.

  • Setting up "exercise" that's fun. ( Walking, rolling around, sex.)

  • Ericksonian hypnosis, if you so desire.

  • Raw Foods, if you want to leave almost all, if not all, sicknesses behind.

The program is about becoming more alive and
and healthy
and clear
and spontanrous in living
and weight reduction is more or less a side benefit.

Lessons cost $60-$150 per lesson
you pick the amount

for staggering changes
start off with three times one
and then three times the next week

Lessons last thirty minutes.