Friday, November 17, 2006

Learning by Healing and Healing by Learning: Deep Tutoring for Real People

Sometimes we confront a "problem" that seems "impossible." Moshe Feldenkrais had a famous saying, that his work was about

"Making the impossible possible,
the possible easy, and
the easy elegant."

He also said that his work was about flexible minds, not flexible bodies.

So if a child or high school student is struggling in math,
or an adult is struggling to learn a musical instrument,
or a "senior citizen" is attempting to learn a new language,
or to skip again,
the process at the core of the Feldenkrais way,
and the Anat Baniel Method and
WakeUp Feldenkrais and

Earth Breath Smile (another name I'm going to be calling my work by), the core process is
changing our very being,
by tuning in to how to learn.

The healing is about becoming more present.

And more able to look at things in many ways.

And more free to explore the state of not yet knowing.

And more excited to learn even what our unknowing is all about.

The healing is in turning the problem to a source of joy and self discovery and a chance to be present.

I tutor small and large children and adults in any field from remedial math to calculus, from inability to speak to fancy literature, from learning the letters and first words to creative writing of poems and essays and songs.

I am interested in moving you in ways that wake up your or your child's deep abilities to learn and change and grow and be excited by all of life.

The math problem or the reading challenge or the calculus or the speech difficulty, the "stuckness" in writing poems or essays, the stumbling blocks in performance of dance, or even social dysfunction or shyness or self-doubt, all this is part of what I work with in helping people who come for "tutoring."

This work, like all I do,
has many layers and textures. Human beings are wonderfully complex
and to fail to take advantage of this is to hinder learning
and squelch vitality and love of life.

The one to one touch guided lessons are part of this.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is part of this.

My background in Byron Katie and the freedom that provides from self-dislike and limitation is part of this.

Movement lessons from the Feldenkrais body of work, and from Yoga and from Tai Chi are part of this.

Connection to nature and gardens is part of this.

Telling and enjoying jokes is part of this.

Exploring and loving the Now is part of this.

Loving oneself is part of this.

Journal keeping and dream work is part of this.

It's big work, as all my work, not about fixing but about using the stuck places and the pain as springboards for transformation of a whole life.

This is wonderful work and I welcome you and your child, both to the adventure of learning by healing and healing by learning.

I require an initial commitment to at least three
lessons over a two week period.
Better in a one week period,
but sometimes schedules don't permit.

Lessons last half an hour to forty minutes.

Lessons cost $90-140 per lesson.

for those who wish to really
deepen their experience
and feel changes at a deeper level:
$75 per LESSON,
if you sign up for six
or more in a one month period.

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